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Royal Grove Stables is home of  the world-famous imported
Grand Champion, Ster Friesian stallion, 
Harold v.R. aka Apollo 

FHANA & KFPF  Registered as a Ster Friesian Stallion
FHS Provisionally Approved Breeding Stallion 
FSA Provisionally Approved Breeding Stallion
FSHR Sport Horse Friesian, IFSHA Show Horse 
Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse Int'l Breeding Stallion

Sire: World Champion, Sape 381 Sport 
 Dam: Maaike Wimke K., Ster + Preferent (Oltman 317 )
Coefficient: 1.37%  Foaled: 2002

Please Note: 

Apollo is NO LONGER standing at stud. Thank you for your interest having him a part of your breeding program.


Apollo was awarded KFPS Ster Stallion and Grand Champion in Driving in Holland. He was awarded FHS Grand Champion for in-hand and driving in US and Canada. 


KFPS Registration Name: Harold v.R., registered with Het Friesch Paarden Stamboek (FPS) &  Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA - KFPS)

  • Apollos' Sire is World Champion, Sape 381 Sport. Sape was the 2001 KFPS World Champion Stallion and also received the reserve champion title in 2002 & 2004. Sape was asked to participate in the Championship round at the annual Stallion Show in the Netherlands every year from 2001-2009. 

  • Apollo has a phenomenal full paper pedigree with Ster+Preferent, Ster, Preferent, Preferent.  He truly is one of the most majestic breeding Friesian Stallions available in the US.  

  • Apollo is DNA tested homozygous black, which means he does not have a red gene, so he only throws black and bay depending on the mare's color. His color is brilliantly shiny blue-black with dapples, he's absolutely stunning!

Thank you for your interest in our imported KFPS Ster Friesian stallion, Apollo. He is a magnificent stallion with a heart of gold! He has touched peoples' hearts around the globe who have enjoyed following us on Facebook and who have watched our popular video of us walking down the street (it went viral worldwide). I hope you enjoy our site... 

Apollo truly is what dreams are made of! He's literally a gift from above! Xox

~Carol Whitaker