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Apollo Photo Gallery & Pedigree

Apollo ~ Ster Friesian Stallion
FHS Preliminary Approved Breeding Stallion
FSA Provisionally Approved  Breeding Stallion

Registered Name: Harold v.R
Sire: Sape 381 Sport (x Oltman 317)  
Dam: Maaike Wimke K., Ster + Preferent
Foaled: 2002  DNA Tested: Homozygous Black 

Apollo is not only breathtaking and incredibly athletic, but he has the most endearing, fun, loving, energetic, affectionate, loyal, charismatic, honest, gentleman like personality.  He has a heart of gold and always gives his all! APOLLO truly is What Dreams Are Made Of!

Apollo is full of love, he loves to give hugs. xo
Apollo, Ster Friesian Stallion standing at stud.
Apollo baby, Shaq, colt
APOLLO's offspring ~ Jasper
Apollo baby, little Shaq, stud colt
Apollo baby, Leo, Arabo colt (Friesian Arabian cross)
Apollo baby, stud colt
Apollo's baby Friesian colt
Dam Sire: Oltman 371 
Dam: Maaike Wimke K., Ster + Pref
 Sire:  Sape 381 Sport
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