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Royal Grove Stables is a family business. Our small barn is filled with love, happiness, and gratitude. We're thankful for the abundance of blessings in our lives. We are extremely thankful to the Lord for blessing us with our magnificent stallion Apollo. He is literally a gift from above and a dream come true!

We offer riding lessons specializing in, correct English riding, western riding, and Natural Horsemanship. We're passionate about treating and training horses with leadership, love and respect. We have a schooling horse, or you can trailer your horse to our barn for riding lessons. 

We teach our students how to create a deep spiritual bond with horses. We teach how to ride with a balanced seat and soft hands while riding in harmony with the horse. We love our students and consider them as part of our barn family. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. Please feel free to contact with any questions.  

Blessings to you & yours,

~ The Whitaker Family
About Apollo 

Apollo has movie-star looks,  modern built, long flowing hair, beautiful long legs, a gorgeous chiseled head with big expressive eyes with a a heart of gold!  

He is a KFPS/FHANA Ster Stallion, FHS Preliminary Approved Stallion, FSA Provisionally Approved Stallion, FHS Keuring Grand Champion In-Hand and Driving, Grand Champion in Driving in Holland, US & Canada, FSHR Friesian Sport Horse, IFSHA Show Horse. 

Apollo is extraordinarily athletic, he is highly talented and gifted in dressage, he is currently training 3rd level. He is a quick school and will be at 4th level before long. He is also trick trained, he learned the Spanish walk and to bow in one day! He is exceptionally talented at driving as well. He floats at the trot and canter. His canter is to die for, its very balanced and forward.

He loves to go on trail rides and is bombproof on the roads. He loves to play out in the pasture with his barn buddy, Flash. He is very regal and has an amazing disposition. He has exceptional ground manners.  He stands quietly in the cross ties & for the farrier, he is a true lady's gentleman. 

His personality is phenomenal!  He's the most endearing, energetic Friesian we've ever known; he loves to play and literally "struts" when he walks.  He's simply magnificent in every way!  He is the epitome of the modern built Friesian breed! 

He loves people and loves to show off whenever he can. He has an incredible work ethic; he always gives his all in schooling and in shows, even with mares in the arena with him he is only focused  his task at hand and on his rider.  He is an absolute treasure beyond expression.  His majestic, loving spirit and puppy-dog like personality is endearing beyond description. 

He throws gorgeous babies. Apollo is homozygous black, which means he only throws black. He passes along his sporty modern built, beautiful long legs, large soft eyes, and beautiful chiseled head, shot back and high intelligence to his offspring. 

​Apollo is an absolute jewel in and out of the barn, even with our mare just two stalls down from him he is a total gentleman.  He is an exceptional boy, words sincerely can't describe just how spectacular and majestic he is. He is filled with love, each time he is bridled he wraps his head  & neck around his mom and gives her a great big hug, then he reaches down for the bit.  He's truly breathtaking not only in his looks, movements but by this spirit as well.  

He’s a dream come true to our family, we love him more than words can say. We are blessed beyond measure to have him and are deeply thankful to the Lord for blessing us with him. Apollo's magnificent spirit  have brought much joy and love to our family. We consider him a member of our family and love everything about him. He is truly a treasure in every way...